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Introduction of Brand Collab Lookbook!

Photos by: Verrett Taylor , Featured Brand: Faith Over Everything

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Introduction of DaniMarieStyles Monthly Brand Collab Lookbook!

It has always been my dream to have the opportunity to work with amazing people who are visionaries and create great brands and products. I have always respected the creativity, tenacity and hustle of entrepreneurs. Whether you are a fashion designer, or the creator of a product, at the end of the day all of these individuals fall into the category of entrepreneurs. They all have that courageous and sometimes down right crazy (in the eyes of ordinary people) gene of risk taking, which is absolutely necessary, to not only have a vision, but believe in it enough to then take action to move from abstract head space dream to reality. It’s legit such an amazing ability!

Considering that so much of my life and brand has come to revolve around my insane passion for fashion. Especially throughout this now 5 year journey of my life being transformed by my decision for purity, and the creation of this brand over the years, I fully welcomed the idea to partner with designers and brands each month to showcase not only their products but their stories! I hope that you all enjoy these lookbooks, and find some great new brands that you fall in love with in the process.

If you are a brand that would like to be considered as one of the 3-5 featured brands, and get in on this DaniMarieStyles monthly lookbook goodness, be sure to visit the Contact page and send an email to receive more details! So without further delay enjoy the lookbook, check out the brands stories and stock up on all the items you love 🙂