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Dondrae McGee

Contributor Status: Men’s Style/Fashion Writer

What’s good family!

I’m Dondrae McGee and I’m the Owner and Principal Stylist for Haberdashnow

Men’s Style & ; Fashion Consulting, LLC. The business was started in 2014 and has

been upwardly mobile since; styling gents for proms, weddings, special events,

providing wardrobe upgrades, and closet takeovers (schedule yours ASAP). I’m

excited about Pure Focus because its more than just a few articles of clothing. Pure

Focus is a movement I can certainly stand behind. I’m able to stand behind it not

because it sounds good, but I live it. At the very core of who I am, I’m laser focused.

95% of everything I do has a method to it. I don’t do much without focus or purpose.

I have never been more focused than I am currently. As a man of God primarily,

husband, father, leader in ministry, and entrepreneur; I’m extremely focused with

how I spread my energy and efforts.


Connect/Social Media Handles:

IG @haberdashnow

Twitter @ye_gaultier

Email info@haberdashnow.com

Shop: www.haberdashnow.com