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Chiereme Fortune

Contributor Status: Blogger/Spoken Word


I love drawing pictures with words: books, songs, poetry

Born in DC, raised in PG

I’m super chill, quirky, occasionally awkward/random and spend way too much time saving funny memes to my phone. I currently work 9-5 as an admin assistant and part-time as an online biz consultant. My current goals include expanding my reach as a writer, spoken word poet, singer/songwriter, creative entrepreneur and karate-chopping Sallie Mae. I’m the founder of becomingthewoman.com, my digital journal, passion project and online space for connecting the dots of biblical womanhood in the 21st Century. I’m excited to join a team of like-minded women and men who are unashamed of living life on 100 for Christ. My life changed for the second time after deciding to not give God lip service, but to live a lifestyle of Purity W/Style with intentionality and purpose.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cfortunespeaks/     Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChieremeFortune  Youtube:youtube.com/chieremefortune