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I LOVE to eat, sleep, exercise, and eat. I enjoy binge watching movies, reading countless articles on personal finances, and sobbing my heart out to some authentic worship music (Contemporary Christian Music, despite its Country music style, is my favorite). I appreciate my Cameroonian roots and wish to learn about ALL of the cultures in the world! Who wants to come travel with me?

           After experiencing one too many financial binds, I decided to take control of my own finances. I mean I know that God supplies all of my needs, but does that mean that I should live solely by faith even when I can become more financially savvy by using common sense and applying practical tips? I don’t want to try to make a $1 out of 15 cents for the rest of my life! Did I mention that “frugal” should be my middle name?

            I was blogging for a few months, and then I took a break due to the demands of life. However, we can’t allow the demands of life to permanently halt our pursuit towards our passion/purpose. SO, I’m excited to let the world know that I’m BACK with tons of more knowledge and resources. 

           Purity W/Style defines my lifestyle. My desire is for purity to be illuminated from my walk and my talk. So I have to be fully aware and intentional about what I listen to, what I watch, what I read, and what I eat.


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